The Sedona Effect



Sedona has been a spiritual destination for centuries.SedonaMeditationBefore it was colonized by Americans from the southeast and eastern coast, there were four Native American tribes that lived just outside of Sedona and would travel there for sacred rituals. NewMaskEdited

My family and I have come here every Christmas for the last several years. It’s one of my favorite places in the world to connect with my inner self and with the people that I love most in the world. PlayigwJerica

The energy vortexes in Sedona are unique because some are electric and some are magnetic and Bell Rock happens to be electro-magnetic. Researchers Iona Miller and Ben Lonetree studied the correlations between Sedona magnetic anomolies (like earthquakes before they happen) and EEG synchronization (brainwaves). Their conclusion which they call “The Sedona Effect” are published here. For a less academic version of the same study you can visit this site.


Sweater and Galaxy Leggings from Zumiez / Nails + Photo by Apneet Kaur and my Mom/ Mask by Leon Paul

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