My Top 10 Pick of My Past Photos



I decided to go through pictures from some of my old shoots. Here are my top 10 pick of photos so far…

10. This was shot by my friend David Fredette. We shot it half a block from my fencing club so it’s an area of Chelsea that I am very familiar with. I am also loving the vintage Giorgio Armani dress!

27th and 7th

Photograph by David Fredette

9. Although this was not part of a “shoot”, it was a moment captured by my friend DJ Killa Theory on his camera phone. We were celebrating Halloween 2012 in Williamsburg and I was La Condesa Santa Muerte, the female skeletal figure celebrated every year during El Dia de Los Muertos. If my life were a novel then this costume choice (embodying the female figure of death) would have foreshadowed the following days’ event. This was the night before Hurricane Sandy hit and none of us really predicted how bad Sandy would be for New York City and the East Coast. There was a sort of innocence from this night juxtaposed with impeding doom.

Dia de los Muertos 2012, La Catrina

Photograph by Kyle “DJ Killa Theory” Turner

8. I love the gaze and the subtle sexiness of this shot. I am sometimes nervous to take photos that may not contribute to an image of “athletic wholesomeness”. However, I have also realized that I am a human being that has experienced a full palate of emotions, I am flawed, I have had many lows and I have also made my share of poor choices. However, I will always try to be true to myself despite what others may think or say and a healthy expression of feminine sensuality and sexiness is a very positive thing that should in fact add to an image of health and wholesomeness!

Photo by Daniel Kongos

Photograph by Daniel Kongos

7. Ok, so technically these are two photos but they were shot on the same day and were shot by my longtime friend Daniel Kongos whom I’ve worked with a lot! Both photos are also with my good friend Bee.  We met when we were young and politically active as part of Arizona’s justice seeking counter-culture and we then ended up going through Art School together as sculptors. These shots are an homage to our lifelong sisterhood and friendship.

Java Magazine shoot by Daniel Kongos

Photo by Daniel Kongos for Anya Melkozernova collection

Photographs by Daniel Kongos


6. This photo has such a classic feel to it. I was modeling a dress from my good friend Anya Melkozernova’s dress line, whom I also went to Art School with at Arizona State. The picture was actually shot on our school’s campus.

Anya Melkozernova Collection

6.5 I’m going to sneak this one in here because it was part of the same shoot and with the same dress by Anya Melkozernova!

Photo by Daniel Kongos for Anya Melkozernova Dress Collection

Photographs by Daniel Kongos


5. My Mom snapped this of me at one of my favorite spots, Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona. Growing up, my Mom would take us here several times a year to hike and to feel the energy from Sedona’s powerful vortices.


Photograph by my beautiful Mom, Susan Vie


4. This portrait is natural and simple.

Portait by Daniel Kongos

Photograph by Daniel Kongos


3. I used one of my favorite gowns for this one.

Photoshoot with Daniel Kongos

Photograph by Daniel Kongos


2. This one ended up winning a couple of awards. It was so well produced and the concept is strong and so relevant. Your biggest opponent is usually yourself. This is something that every human being struggles with.

Photoshoot with Daniel Kongos

Photograph by Daniel Kongos


1. This has always been my favorite photo! The illusion is so convincing and the circus-type style is so rad. Daniel and I co-collaborated on the production of this shoot and in the end both of our personalities came out in the photo.

Photos with Daniel Kongos

Photograph by Daniel Kongos


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