Cuba, the complexity and the color…

Cuba 012

This is my 5th trip to Cuba and every time I visit the political and cultural landscape seem to subtly change. What makes this trip different from the others is that Cubans seem to feel more free than ever to approach and interact with tourists without fear of police interference. Also, there seem to be various foreign direct investors that are physically changing the landscape. Pabexpo (the sports venue that hosts the World Grand Prix that I attend every year) has had a facelift. There is air conditioning, fewer leaks in the ceiling, marble tiles in the bathroom, and even toilet paper! La Habana Vieja (Old Havana) is having the streets repaved and the buildings are being fortified and painted. Cuba 051Cuba seems to be getting some new money and I hope that the people see the benefits from this. I also hope for the over half a century long US economic and commercial embargo against Cuba to end.  Yesterday in Cuba I visited the residential part of Old Havana for a shoot and I also walked along the coral coastline on the edge of the neighborhood Buena Vista. Check out the photos from that shoot:

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