Un Agujero Pesado (Rio de Janeiro, May 2014)

Mi alma esta de luto, por eso naci con este pelo negro

Por eso me visto de colores y con esta sonrisa escondo

el agujero pesado de mi pecho.

Mi alma esta de luto, por eso vivo con toda fuerza y amo con todo mi ser,

Porque mi corazon ya fue robado, ya fue molido,

y me dejo sin nada. Y asi es como amo,

libre sin nada de perder.


Neon Silence (Brooklyn, Fall 2013)

The sounds of the city sift through the leaves

and the Manhattan lights reflect off of the East River

but all I hear is your loud silence filling my ears

and all I can see is your neon absence…


Was it my push or your pull or were we just too

weak to withstand the warfare of invincible defeat that we acted out?

I only hated you to love you in secret.


It’s a Broken Hallelujah (NYC, 2012)
Jeff Buckley sung that love is not a victory march,
it’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah.
Sometime I would agree. 
Loving you has been a journey into myself,
into the deepest canyons and the grimiest crevices of me.
Once I began looking, I found that there is no me.
All of my opinions, my bigoted feelings, my confusion, 
my intellect, my self-assuredness, and even my past doesn’t really exist.
I’ve swam to the depths of seemingly bottomless lakes and
walked alone on cold, windy roads to discover the Broken Hallelujah,
The absurd paradox that knows no bounds yet lives in my soul,
there is not me yet at the bottom of what I though was me
I always find you. 

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